Approach and facilities

Below you can see the Google Maps location of the apartment "Girasole" & "Rosmarino" in Taormina.

If you would like to explore the environment in 3D with Google Street View click here.

Please observe the additional informations and warnings at the end of this page!


[Information]: The Wilhelm von Gloden 31 road can be reached ONLY from one side!

Please choose clicking on:
Route A: If you reach the Goethe place in Taormina From Via Wilhelm von Gloden 63-61, turn left.
Route B: If you come from the motorway junction Taormina. At Hotel Mediterranee turn left.

Please enter Via Wilhelm Von Gloden, 31, Taormina, 98039 Province Messina, Italy as the target address in your GPS/navigation system.

You can also use the following geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 37.85228
Longitude: 15.27945

You can shop at (see green dots on above map):

Location (1): Little supermarket near us
Location (2): Weekly market (every Wednesday)
Location (3): Well equipped supermarket

All supermarkets are opened even at Sunday!


[Information]: If you approach Via Wilhelm von Gloden, 29
you reached your final destination!
Here you can temporarily park in front of our garage
(See image on the left) and ring at C. Minniti.


[Warning]: In Taormina parking is allowed ONLY for cars with a valid pass.!

This pass will be released ONLY to citizens with residence in Taormina.

Therefore we kindly ask you to EVEN park (Price: 12,- EUR/day) inside our parking lot OR
use the public parking facility of Lumbi (Distance: 0,6 Km.) (Price: beginning from 11,- EUR/day).